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Friedr. DICK is a German cutlery manufacturer founded 1778 in Esslingen, Germany.


DICKORON Sharpening steels utilizing sapphire surfaces for both honing and sharpening.
ErgoGrip Butcher knives
MasterGrip Butcher knives
MagicGrip Special deboning knives
ExpertGrip 2K Butcher knives for professionals
Rapid Steel/Magneto Steel/Silver Steel/Master Steel Non-traditional sharpening/honing steel
Multicut Specialty steel for butchers
DICK 2000 Specialty steel for butchers
1778 Jubilee series
1893 Damascus series
1905 Design series
Premier WACS Forged knife series with hygienic non-stick coating
Premier Plus Professional grade, forged kitchen knives
Red Spirit Professional grade, Asian-style series with red handle
ActiveCut Professional grade, forged kitchen knives
Superior Professional grade, stamped kitchen knives
ProDynamic Professional grade, lightweight polymer handled, stamped kitchen knives
Von den Steinen Circular machine knives, saws

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