All Good Things Come in Threes: Hardware, Software and the Right Tool

All Good Things Come in Threes: Hardware, Software and the Right Tool

Fr.DICK The Knifeinspector easy consists of software and an RFID reader.
It goes without saying that the new F. Dick MasterGrip RFID knives also have all the typical advantages which characterize our brand-name products and make them so successful all over the world. Here are the most important ones:

Knifeinspector easy consists of three system components:

01 | Hardware

The RFID Reader serves to register all knives and tools, each tool being clearly allocated to a specific employee. It can be connected to any standard computer by USB.

02 | Software

The software Knifeinspector easy 3.0 offers the following applications:

Tool Management: Registration, status requests, documentation, traceability and evaluation of the data.

Administration of personnel and article master data: Registration of selected personnel data and transfer of article master data from the external master records database of the tool manufacturer.

Evaluation and analysis function: Besides status queries, also additional reports can be requested, eg. tool history or allocation of tool to employee.

03 | Tools

All knives of the series DICK MasterGrip RFID and ExpertGrip RFID as well as particular sharpening steels and units and cut and stab protections are available with the RFID transponder and make the Knifeinspector easy system complete.

Special features of our RFID knives and tools:

Integrated RFID chip with tamper-proof coding

Unambiguous allocation to specific members of staff

Replaces tedious and costly manual labeling or marking

Tried and tested MasterGrip handle: non-slip, non-abrasive and sanitary

Balanced hardness, significantly less consumption of materials

Long-lasting polished blade, corrosion-resistant